Talent Management for VA Senior Executives
Human Capital Management

Talent Management for VA Senior Executives

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Corporate Senior Executive Management Office (CSEMO)

Our Challenge

With more than 340,000 employees and only about 450 senior executives, VA has one of the smallest executive-to-employee ratios in the Federal government. CSEMO’s role is to ensure that the skills of these executive leaders are employed on behalf of the entire VA in the most efficient and effective manner possible. DFC was tasked with assessing each of VA’s Administrations and Staff Offices and to develop processes for talent management and succession.

Our Strategy

In support of CSEMO’s efforts, DFC has provided tools and strategies to improve the talent management of the Senior Executive Service and to give the Secretary of VA broader insight into the array of executive talent employed by VA. For example, our team is in the process of using questionnaires and focus groups to develop and validate competency models for each of VA’s Administrations and Staff Offices. We are also administering competency assessments to identify the existing strengths of both individuals and groups in those offices and those strengths that need to be developed. Additionally, DFC created a tool for CSEMO’s staff to quickly and accurately analyze Department-wide results during the annual performance management closeout process.

Our Results

With these new talent management policies and tools, CSEMO now has the ability to provide a real-time snapshot of VA’s executive capabilities, as well as to analyze trends and opportunities within its senior leadership. The competency models and assessments that DFC created have enabled CSEMO to better identify skill gaps and prioritize training, forecast future human capital needs, and ensure the right people are in the right place to achieve VA’s mission of serving our nation’s Veterans.