Organizational Assessment for HUD’s Office of Housing
Business Process & Strategy

Organizational Assessment for HUD’s Office of Housing

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Office of Housing/Federal Housing Administration (Housing/FHA)

Our Challenge

The Office of Housing is a program office within the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development that is going through rapid changes to its workforce while recovering from the effects of the subprime mortgage crisis. The Office of Housing needed DFC to identify the composition and skills of its current workforce to meet the demands of the future.

Our Strategy

DFC examined the current state of the organization and ways to ensure that it could efficiently implement housing programs in the future. To do so, DFC assessed the Office of Housing’s operations, staff, and resources, providing an independent analysis of the composition of its workforce, particularly their skills and competencies; how its resources are allocated; and its business processes. DFC delivered recommendations about ways the Office could transform itself for the future.

Our Results

DFC provided the information necessary for the Office of Housing to understand its business processes, the capabilities of its staff, and the workload of each program office to perform its designated functions. This information allowed the Office to determine how well each individual program office would be able to meet its expectations for the future. With that information, recommendations were made to supervisors and staff about how best to adjust housing programs or operations for greater efficiency and effectiveness.

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