Focus on People: U.S. military Veteran and Duty First Consulting Manager Bob Hohman

Q: Bob, we are so proud that Duty First Consulting employs military Reservists and Veterans. How long and where have you served?

After I was commissioned a second lieutenant from Creighton University in 1989, I served on active duty at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. My first deployment was in early August of 1990 with the lead brigade of the 82nd Airborne Division as part of Desert Storm/Shield.As a logistics Platoon Leader, I led Soldiers in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Kuwait for eight months.After I got off of active duty in 1993, I decided to continue serving in the Army Reserve.

Nearly eight years later, after the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and the onset of the Global War on Terror, I was called back to active duty in 2002. Since then, as a mobilized Reservist I have been recalled to active duty twice more for a total of three times.My longest tour was from January 2007 to August of 2008, when I was mobilized to Iraq as Theater Supply Officer for the surge of forces. During that period, from August 2007 to July 2008, I was deployed to the coalition’s chief supply hub at Balad, Iraq. The picture below was taken of me waiting for a helicopter ride back to Balad, from the Green Zone in Baghdad.


Q: What is the best part of your military service?

The best part for me has been the opportunity to work with all the talented and dedicated Soldiers, Marines, and Sailors – Active, Reserve and Guard – working with them and experiencing their dedication to protecting this great country of ours, and our way of life.

Q: What are the skills and capabilities gained in the military that you find useful?

I would say overall the leadership skills I learned have continued to shape my management. The military gave me the ability to manage projects, and to multi-task – in a combat environment you have to multi-task quite a bit to accomplish your mission set.

Q: How can private citizens best support Veterans?

I would say that at this point we have a lot of Veterans getting off of active duty and entering the civilian work force. They are looking for employment and support. The best thing you can do for our Vets is to give them jobs, they make very dedicated and loyal employees.

Q: Why did you choose to join Duty First Consulting?

I was looking for an opportunity to make a difference in my civilian work. DFC’s primary client is the Department of Veterans Affairs, so I guess you can say I am a Vet looking to help other Vets. I’m also grateful that DFC understands the value of what I do as a military Reservist, and the leadership team has gone out of their way to make accommodations so that I can fulfill my military responsibilities.

Q: How would you describe your work with DFC?

We provide management consulting services on a range of contracts that improve life for Veterans within the VA. I really enjoy working at DFC with a very talented team of consultants — I am very proud to work with them and be their manager. It’s important to me to make a difference in what I do, and I am glad that we are providing excellent services. Meanwhile I am continuing to serve my country as a lieutenant colonel in the United States Army Reserve (USAR).

Q: Thank you so much for your military service!

Don’t mention it, I still do a lot of travel in uniform as a Reservist on weekend duty in this great country of ours. Many people come up to me and say, “Thank you for your service.” My response to them always is, “You’re welcome, it’s an honor and a privilege.”